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Designs for Health has been the health care professional's trusted source since 1989.

At Designs for Health, education serves as a brand pillar, integral to our mission of Designing a Well World™. In support of that mission and our commitment to excellence in education, we’ve developed a robust portfolio of evidence-based educational content, resources, events, and initiatives to bring the latest in research and science to our healthcare practitioner partners.

This work is never complete, as we continually strive to foster and translate the knowledge of nutrition science, dietary supplementation, integrative health, functional medicine, and clinical application in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Evidence-Based Education

Academic Advocacy

Designs for Health is dedicated to advancing the knowledge and application of integrative health, clinical nutrition, and functional medicine. As such, we are proud to support and partner with academic institutions in educating future practitioners. 

This continual commitment to higher learning manifests in on-campus educational events, student representatives, alumni relations, institutional sponsorship, and bolstering of university clinics and dispensaries. 

Through these efforts in funding, program development, facilities support, and experiential learning, we strive to foster a new generation of health care providers, leading to the ultimate goal where natural medicine is firmly established as the standard of care. 

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